About Us

The current tough times of a worldwide recession call for choices that might help one save a lot of money, and one such option is to be thrifty. This website encourages customers to shop with awareness and to get as much value as they can from their purchases. 

compassdollartree.vip/ is the website that anyone who is interested in finding information or tips about shopping on a budget through Dollar Tree stores and the compass app should visit first and foremost. You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in learning about the special offers, and discounts that Dollar Tree has to offer.

In addition, we have a group of people who are passionate about shopping and they spend all day, every day striving to come up with the greatest possible frugal ideas. The ideas that will assist make your life easier and they do it without breaking the bank. They have all the information about the latest offers and trends that you can count on.

Our Team

Lily Parker

She is a native American with a penchant for thrift and an affinity for the Dollar Tree. Lily’s content reflects her dedication to thrifty living and ingenious hacks. Furthermore, she possesses a talent for transforming inexpensive items into chic accessories. She lives in Florida and writes on how to get the most out of your dollar at the Dollar Tree. Come along with Lily as she embarks on a frugal journey to the land of make believe.

Max Bennett

He was reared in the United States, making him a naturalized citizen and expert shopper at Dollar Tree. Max travels the country’s shopping malls in search of unique finds and exceptional prices. He finds great deals and gives advice on how to get the most of your money in New York City. Come along with Max as he learns the ropes of thrifty shopping at the Dollar Tree.